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AJP Toon

Contrast and Compare

I mentioned this on Twitter last night. There seems to be a stark contrast between the way I keep my desks at the office and home organized.

Check this out..
At the day job

In my home office.

gr8noise suggested the difference was down to "passion." In that "the day job is for pay and the home office is a whirlwind of activity that you would do for free."

I think he has a point. I also think it has to do with different mind sets. At the day job I need to be the analytical, clear thinking guy in control.

The office space at home is where I let the creative side have full reign. Here my mind is in a more chaotic state and I often have multiple creative projects going on at once.

Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
AJP Toon

Best Legal Text. Ever..

During a meeting with the CEO this morning, one of my sales team presented a new version of our standard sales quotation document he'd been working on. I know not exactly thrilling stuff - but he'd had some fun with the standard "Confidentiality" statement at the bottom.

The version he presented read as follows.

All information listed herein is completely confidential. External use of this document is strictly prohibited, contents are not to be shared with third parties without the express written permission of [company name]. Violators will meet their fate via blunt force trauma, electro-shock treatment, Chinese water torture, or man eating beetles (you know like the ones in The Mummy) that will dig their way into your body and proceed to eat your brain. This legal notice will self destruct in thirty seconds. All rights reserved.
AJP Toon

Q-Man Arrives

The cover for a new promotional comic book series, this one directly related to my day-job.

Words my little ol' me and great art by the very talented Rob Osborne.

Preview copies will be handed out at our Users Conference starting this weekend, with the finalized version to be posted online not too long after.