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AJP Toon

A brief glimpse of another side of F1

A side of the Formula One action you rarely see on TV, how the track marshals clear up after an on-track incident. Very efficient under stressful and at times dangerous circumstances (check out how near one of the marshals comes to having a close encounter with a car at the 1:57 mark). These guys are all volunteers (albeit incredibly well trained and highly experienced ones - it takes years of marshaling before you can work a GP), and deserve a lot more credit than they usually receive from the fans. Without them motor racing events of any sort simply wouldn't happen.

This particular incident is from this year's Monaco GP.

AJP Toon

STAR WARS Geekery At Maximum...

I'm not a gamer, and I'm not really that familiar with the extended STAR WARS universe - but DAMN, this looks cool!!

Placed behind cut to prevent autoplay - but if you haven't seen the trailer for the STAR WARS: OLD REPUBLIC game yet - then click on through.Collapse )

... and in the interests of full disclosure, Bioware is a local Austin company and I have a couple of friends working on this project in various capacities.
AJP Toon

The Dance of Space Art

My good friend, and amazing space artist, Pat Rawlings, recently did a talk at the TEDxNASA event on the 'dance' between engineering and art, as well as highlighting the need for visual literacy (something he and I have discussed at length over several cups of coffee).

Here's a short video clip of Pat's excellent talk: