Alan J. Porter (gothamajp) wrote,
Alan J. Porter

A novel approach to James Bond movies?

A couple of weeks ago I felt in the mood to watch a Bond movie, no specific reason, just wanted to watch a good fun spy movie, so plucked the 2009 version of Casino Royale off the DVD shelf (OK, one of the DVD bookcases!) and sat back to enjoy Daniel Craig's debut as 007.

Then last week, without really thinking about my selection too much I pulled Live & Let Die off the shelf and threw that into the DVD player. - Another debut movie, Roger Moore this time.

But a couple of days later, as I walked past the bookcase where my collection of Bond books is housed I realized something else about my recent movie selection, they were the first two Bond novels.

Each year I go through a period when I will sit down and re-watch all the Bond movies, and I usually do it in the order they were made and released, if I'm feeling like being a purest sometimes I start with the Barry Nelson, CBS TV play of Casino Royale, other times I'll start with Doctor No, but I always go in movie order.

But after realizing the significance of the order of following Casino Royale with Live & Let Die, I'm wondering should I do something different this year, and organize my annual Bond re-watch in story order - watch the movies based on the date order that the original novels and short stories were published?

The problem is that means I have to watch Moonraker next..... Gulp!
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