Alan J. Porter (gothamajp) wrote,
Alan J. Porter

What's familiar is actually all new...

So last night I finished reading the first volume of Saga of the Swamp Thing collecting the first seven issues of Alan Moore and Steve Bissette's seminal and ground breaking work on the series.

When I sat down to read this collection, I would have sworn that what I was about to do was in fact re-read these classic tales. Yet part way into the first story I realized that I had in fact never read them before!

Over the years I have read so much about them, read extracts, seen the art, studied various writings analyzing them that they had seeped into my mind as something that I had already experienced. They were all so familiar that I must have read them.

Yet experiencing the actual narrative bought me to the realization that, in fact, it was all new.
Tags: comics

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