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The Weekly Haul - 1/12/11 - What comics I picked up this week and why.

A special evening at Austin Books last night as local writer Chris Roberson was on hand signing copies of his first issue as the new writer on Superman - Issue #707.

So along with chatting to a very happy Chris, what else did I pick up off the shelves?

Amazing Spider-Man #651 (Marvel) - the new "Big Time" story arc by Dan Slott is proving to be lots of fun.
Avengers Academy: Must Have #1 (Marvel) - as I mentioned recently I've been hearing good things about this book and enjoyed the issue I picked up to try it out. This "must have" collects the first three issues under one cover for the price of a regular issue. A great way to back track and see how it all kicked of.
Batgirl #17 (DC) - As I've said before, consistently my favorite Bat book of the moment.
Batman & Robin #19 (DC) the last part of Paul Cornell's great fill-in arc on Batman & Robin. Hope he gets another crack at the Dynamic Duo before too long.
Bird's of Prey #8 (DC) - Still not sure about the direction and feel of this latest incarnation of the Birds, but I trust Gail Simone and her feel for these characters.
Captain America: Man Out of Time #3 (Marvel) - what could have just been another updated retelling of the Captain America revival story is turning into something special. Great work by Mark Waid.
Daredevil Reborn #1 (Marvel) - Not sure why I picked this one up. Hated what they did with DD in his own book, so maybe this is a sympathy read, hoping that his new direction (whatever it turns out to be) is a good one.
Heroes For Hire #2 (Marvel) - A few months back I was bemoaning to another writer about how we hadn't seen the character of Silver Sable in a Marvel book in a long time, and that I thought she was too good a character to waste (and yes, I have a couple of Sable story ideas I'd love to write). And lo and behold there she is on the cover of this month's Heroes For Hire. I just had to pick it up.
Knight & Squire #4 (DC) - The hilarious adventures of the British heroes as they continue to guide us along a looking glass distorted journey through the UK's pop culture history.
Next Men #2 (IDW) - John Byrne's Next Men was one of the seminal titles during my comics reading in the early 1990s, making this relaunch/continuation a must read - at least for the moment.
Superman #707 (DC) - I've been looking forward to reading Chris's take on the Man of Steel since it was first announced he'd be taking over scripting his adventures. Knowing Chris's love for the character it should be a fun ride.

Trade Paperbacks
Doctor Who Vol 3 (IDW) - The final story arc for the 10th Doctor in comics. I read all these as monthlies, and they deserve a place on the bookcase. Strong work.
The Sixth Gun Vol. 1 - I had the pleasure of hanging out with creators Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt prior to the 2010 Free Comic Book Day when this title was launched. This supernatural Western has been one of the break-out books of the year.
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