Alan J. Porter (gothamajp) wrote,
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Hanging around the Web

Haven't done this in a long time, and for some reason the end of the year seems an appropriate juncture to collect up various links and stuff as to where you can find me on the old inter-web thingy.

Alan J Porter - Scribbler of Books, Comics, Article and other stuff... - the main website for all my writing activities.

Live Journal - been on here the longest (since 2002). Drifted away from it being a personal blog over the last few years as social media accounts took over, but hoping to drag it back more in that direction in the future.
The Content Pool - Thoughts and observations on the many facets of Digital Publishing.
Can't See The Forest - my blog space on the site - currently using as a collection point for my Star Trek Comics Timeline project.

Personal FB page - I only friend people I know, meet, or have worked with.
4Js Group - FB page for my consulting practice.
WIKI: Grow Your Own for Fun & Profit - FB page related to my latest book project.
GOD SHOP - FB page for my online manga style comic.
Austin Comics Creators Group - FB page I maintain for the ACCG.

@alanjporter - my main Twitter account for personal observations and writing updates.
@4jsgroup - for digital publishing and technical communications industry thoughts and updates.
@austincreators - Twitter account for the Austin Comics Creators Group.( Which I don't update nearly as often as I should.)

Me on other sites
- author's page.
- Goodreads author's page.
- Library Thing author's page.
- RevolutionSF - Where I hang out as an Editor-At-Large, contributing the occasional column and movie reviews.
Tokyopop - GOD SHOP online comic.
- Wikipedia entry (which is in need of updating)
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