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STAR TREK Comics Timeline Project - 2264 - Part 2


STAR TREK (original series) SEASON TWO

Child's Play
Stardate: 1723.4
Comic: Star Trek #23
Publisher: Gold Key
Date: March, 1974


Writer: Unknown / Artist: Alberto Giolitti

The Enterprise arrives at a planet where a mysterious disease kills anyone over the age of 13. By beaming down to the planet, Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu, and Nurse Chapel have all been infected and will die within five days unless a cure can be found. McCoy determines that he needs the extract from a rare plant found only on a planet two days away at full speed. The Enterprise heads out on its mission. Meanwhile, on the planet, the landing party is captured by a rival gang of children and held prisoner. In trying to escape, Kirk is forced to shoot and finds out the children’s rifles fire only beams of light; they have no real weapons, only toys, and their "conflict" was just a game. The Enterprise returns with the antidote and cures the children, leaving them to grow and build a new world.

The Perfect Dream
Stardate: 3019.1
Comic: Star Trek #26
Publisher: Gold Key
Date: September, 1974


Writer: Unknown / Artists: : Angelo Todaro & Alberto Giolitti

The Enterprise detects an unknown planet that isn't orbiting a star but moving through space in a straight line. The landing party is saved from an attack from wild cats by what appear to be Japanese samurai warriors. The warriors escort the landing party to their city, which, on the surface, appears to be a paradise. While the rest of the crew are enamored of the perfection they have found, Spock notes that of "over one hundred people, I have seen only six faces!" A few days later Spock sets out to explore the jungle around the city and discovers a hidden temple. Here he discovers the truth: that the planet is in fact a giant spaceship and all the people on it are clones. Distraught to discover the truth of their existence, one of the clones, who has befriended the landing party, activates the giant ship's self-destruct mechanism.

The Final Truth
Stardate: 2010.7
Comic: Star Trek #31
Publisher: Gold Key
Date: July, 1975


Writer: Unknown / Artist: Alberto Giolitti

While escorting a Starfleet Admiral on the way to ceremonies to admit the dilithium-rich planet Quodor into the Federation, Kirk's shuttle crash-lands on the hostile neighboring planet of Tristas. The shuttle crew is held captive and made to work alongside other human slaves. Meanwhile, on Quodor, Spock tries to launch a rescue mission but is refused help by the planet's leader, who turns out to be a female Vulcan. Back on Tristas, Kirk and his crew escape and discover that the planet's hollow center is the home to a pure energy that gives any who see it an understanding of the universe, but the planet's ruling council wishes to keep it a secret. Kirk convinces them that the Federation will work with them to find a safe way to share this new knowledge.

The Choice
Comic: Star Trek #33
Publisher: Gold Key
Date: September, 1975


Writer: Unknown / Artist: Alberto Giolitti

The Enterprise arrives at the site of the original Big Bang that created the universe and discovers the point where parallel universes meet. The ship comes to a halt when all equipment stops functioning, but Spock determines they can stay alive and functioning through sheer willpower. Outside the ship a pod is discovered floating in space, and the occupant turns out to be another Captain Kirk. The duplicate Kirk claims to be from the "previous universe" and that he was sent to find the one person in our universe who had free will enough to stop our universe repeating the fate of his. When the duplicate demands that the Enterprise be turned over to him, Kirk refuses, and the two engage in a running duel through the ship. A duplicate Enterprise also appears that the duplicate Kirk can control mentally. Spock and Kirk realize they can do the same and get the crew to link hands and channel their mental powers to work the Enterprise. When Kirk tricks and traps his duplicate, the other Enterprise disappears. The duplicate Kirk is placed back in his pod, after revealing that "our" Kirk was the man with free will he was searching for, and that by refusing to kill his duplicate he has changed the course of history for the better.

A Bomb In Time
Stardate: 1925.9
Comic: Star Trek #36
Publisher: Gold Key
Date: March, 1976


Writer: Unknown / Artist: Alberto Giolitti

While visiting Research Satellite 5, the crew of the Enterprise becomes involved in a murder investigation when a scientist is killed. It transpires that the man was murdered by a colleague who has now disappeared back in time carrying an N-Cycle Bomb that he threatens to explode, destroying Earth. While Spock continues investigations in the lab, Scotty and Kirk head back into the past to find the bomb. Scotty arrives in 1855 frontier West and becomes involved in a stagecoach robbery, while Kirk ends up on a 1955 movie set in Hollywood. Kirk discovers the bomb maker, and convinces him to hand over the device. Everyone returns to the correct time, and the Enterprise goes on her way.

One of Our Captains is Missing
Stardate: 1929.1
Comic: Star Trek #38
Publisher: Gold Key
Date: July, 1976


Writer: Unknown / Artist: Alden McWilliams

Kirk is replaced as captain of the Enterprise so he can be sent on an undercover mission. The new captain puts the crew through their paces with seemingly unnecessary drills, driving them close to the point of mutiny. Meanwhile, Kirk has been sent to the planet Mobita to bring back evidence that the Klingons are behind a revolt by previously peaceful jungle tribes. Kirk discovers the Klingon "military advisors" and ends up in single combat against the Klingon commander. When the crew of the Enterprise hears about Kirk’s mission, they insist on going to rescue him. As the Enterprise arrives at Mobita it fires a warning shot at an orbiting Klingon cruiser, which escapes, stranding its detachment of "advisors" on the surface.

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(1) This timeline covers Star Trek comics published in the USA and UK between 1967 to 2007 (i.e. from Gold Key to TokyoPop) - it does not include any stories from current Star Trek comics publisher IDW.
(2) Click here for the
Time Line Introduction explaining the background, definitions and considerations for this Star Trek Comics Time Line project.
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