Alan J. Porter (gothamajp) wrote,
Alan J. Porter

Alternative Bond Themes - "You Only Live Twice" by Julie Rogers

Another take on the theme from "You Only Live Twice", this time by 1960s British pop-singer, Julie Rogers. According to some sources this version was initially under consideration for the theatrical release before being replaced by the Nancy Sinatra version we are now familiar with, other sources note it as just a demo version.

Previous Alternate Bond Themes.
"You Only Live Twice" by Lorraine Chandler
"Goldfinger" by Anthony Newley
"For Your Eyes Only" by Blondie
"Quantum of Solace" by Shirley Bassey
"Thunderball" by Johnny Cash
The video I posted earlier of "The Man With The Golden Gun" by Alice Cooper has now been taken down.
Tags: bond, video

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