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STAR TREK Comics Timeline Project - 2262 Part1

All Those Years Ago
Stardate: 1278.4
Comic: Star Trek Annual #1
Publisher: DC Comics
Date: October, 1985


Writer: Mike W. Barr / Artists: David Ross & Bob Smith

In the year 2286, Captain Kirk recalls his first mission aboard the Enterprise in 2262. The mission:- transport Captain Christopher Pike to his next assignment on Draxis II. On the way the Enterprise encounters the Tralmanii, an alien race that feeds on stellar energy that Pike had encountered in his past.

Stardate: Not Given
Comic: Star Trek #76
Publisher: DC Comics
Date: October, 1994


Writer: Kevin J. Ryan / Artists: Rachel Ketchum & Mark Heike

During an early part of the Enterprise’s first five-year mission, the ship arrives at the planet Tendar which is at the early stages of space exploration. When the landing party beams down, Kirk, Spock, and Gary Mitchell are immediately arrested. The Tendarans want to use the prisoners as negotiating tools with the Federation, but Scotty and the rest of the Enterprise crew have other ideas, and soon break them out. (Because prison break outs are so much more exciting than using the transporter!)

Stardate: Not Given
Comic: Star Trek #64
Publisher: DC Comics
Date: October, 94


Writer: Kevin J. Ryan / Artists: Rod Whigham & Arne Starr

Following the events of the ST:TOS episode Where No Man Has Gone Before, James Kirk tries to compose a message to the parents of his best friend, Gary Mitchell, informing them of their son’s death. Unable to tell them the truth about his death, Kirk instead tells a story of how Mitchell once saved his life and helped him better understand an alien culture, thereby showing him the true purpose of Starfleet.

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(1) This timeline covers Star Trek comics published in the USA and UK between 1967 to 2007 (i.e. from Gold Key to TokyoPop) - it does not include any stories from current Star Trek comics publisher IDW.
(2) Click here for the
Time Line Introduction explaining the background, definitions and considerations for this Star Trek Comics Time Line project.
(3) For more information on the history of Star Trek in comics check out my book
STAR TREK: A Comics History. now available in stores.
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