Alan J. Porter (gothamajp) wrote,
Alan J. Porter

CARS Launches as ongoing series

Next Wednesday (January 13th, 2010) sees the arrival of CARS #0 in comic book stores.

The #0 issue and the slight title change, from "The World of CARS," to just simply "CARS," marks the switch from separate self contained four-issue mini-series to a regular on-going series.

With the new on-going we are focusing on new stories set after the movie exploring a little bit of where these characters went, plus having some fun along the way. The first story arc (issues #0-3) tell how McQueen organized a charity race at his new race track in Radiator Springs and gives us the chance to bring the two sides of McQueen's life together as we bring the race track crowd into town. Central to the story is a new character who will act as a foil between McQueen and his rival Chick Hicks. The second story arc (#4-7) is planned to be a fun cross country ride in the spirit of the Cannonball Run and Wacky Races as various characters from the CARS franchise team up for the "Route 66 Dash."

As a taster here's a couple of cover designs from issues #0 and #1.

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