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STAR TREK Comics Timeline Project - 2063

YEAR: 2063

First Contact
Stardate: not applicable
Comic: Star Trek: The Next Generation - First Contact - Movie Adaptation
Publisher: Marvel
Date: November 1996


Writer: John Vornholt / Artists: Terry Pallot, Rod Whigham & Philip Moy

The Borg travel back in time in an attempt to assimilate Earth in a time before the Federation. The Enterprise follows them back and seemingly destroys the Borg sphere, but it isn’t long before they realize that the Borg are still active and are tying to stop the flight of Zefhram Cochran’s first warp ship, the Phoenix; a flight that results in the first meeting between Humans and Vulcans. While one part of the crew fight to stop the Borg taking over the Enterprise, the others work to ensure that the first contact happens.

Second Contact
Stardate: not applicable
Comic: Star Trek: The Next Generation / X-Men #1
Publisher: Marvel
Date: May 1998


Writers: Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton / Artists: Cary Nord & Scott Koblish

While travelling back to their own time following the events of Star Trek: First Contact, the Enterprise-E is diverted into the 20th Century of a parallel universe due to the actions of a time traveler known as Kang the Conqueror. The crew of the Enterprise joins forces with the mutant heroes known as the X-Men to foil Kang’s plans, and to repair the temporal rift. (The story continues in Star Trek: The Next Generation/X-Men: Planet X, a Pocket Books novel by Michael Jan Friedman.)

Side Note: Whenever I mentioned I was working on a book about Star Trek comics, this was invariably the first comic that most people recalled. Interestingly there were two distinct and opposite reactions (1.) They hated the book with a passion, the idea of mixing the Trek and Marvel universes being a total anathema; or (2) they thought the idea of having Capt. Picard and Professor X meet was the coolest thing ever as both characters had been played on screen by Patrick Stewart.


Previous Entries

(1) This timeline covers Star Trek comics published in the USA and UK between 1967 to 2007 (i.e. from Gold Key to TokyoPop) - it does not include any stories from current Star Trek comics publisher IDW.
(2) Click here for the
Time Line Introduction explaining the background, definitions and considerations for this Star Trek Comics Time Line project.
(3) For more information on the history of Star Trek in comics check out my book
STAR TREK: A Comics History. now available in stores.
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