February 4th, 2011

AJP Toon

The Weekly Haul - 2/2/11 - What comics I picked up this week and why.

As we move on into a new month, let's see what delights awaited me on the shelves at Austin Books this week?

Amazing Spider-Man #653 (Marvel) - Still continues to be one of the most fun books out at the moment, the momentum and action don't let up, and are underscored with some great character moments.
Batman Beyond #2 (DC) - So far so good for this new on-going featuring one of my favorite incarnations of the Batman franchise.
House of Mystery #34 (DC/Vertigo) - More intrigue and weirdness from my good friend Matt Sturges.
Iron Man #500.1 (Marvel) - Giving Matt Fraction's Iron Man run another try and testing if Marvel's .1 "ideal jumping on point" initiative works.
iZombie #10 (DC/Vertigo) - I'm never quite sure what direction each new issue is going to take this series. Excellent work from Chris Roberson & Mike Allred.
Jonah Hex #64 (DC) - not picked up an issue for the last few months and not sure why, this needs to get back to being a regular read.
The Last Phantom #4 (Dynamite) - Scott Beatty is telling a very different story for The Ghost Who Walks and it's working well.
Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1 (DC) - The regular monthly book slipped off my list, but thought I'd give the Annual a try.
Superboy #4 (DC) - Funny how the Superman family books are starting to replace the batman ones on my regular pulls. Strong story telling wins out.
Superman 80 Page Giant (DC) - talking of Superman Family, a collection of Superman themed stories by up and coming talent - always worth a try.
Who Is Jake Ellis #1 (Image) - I missed creator Nathan Edmondson when he was in town a few weeks ago, and have been hearing good things about this book.