January 24th, 2011

AJP Toon

The TV Re-Watch List

A conversation over dinner last week with a friend from the UK, who is here in the USA for an extended business trip, diverted at one point into a discourse on the various (legal) ways it was possible to keep up with British TV shows while on the other side of the Atlantic. (Of course we also talked about the pain of various online 'not available in your market' type restrictions.)

One aspect of how technology has changed viewing habits is the ability to revisit whole seasons and runs of favorite TV shows through either DVD box sets releases, Netflix streaming, Hulu, iTunes, etc.

Part way through the conversation I realized that probably more than half my TV viewing these days comprises such re-watch type sessions where I work my way through a show's run. Sure there are still a handful of TV shows that I watch on a regular basis (but it is literally less than five); if it wasn't for motor-sports and football I wouldn't really need cable TV anymore.

On my flight home on Friday I started thinking about my re-watch list. So here's the run down of shows that I am currently working my way through.

Angel / Buffy(Netflix) - I list these two together as I am doing an alternate watch switching between the two as they cross-over - that comics geek need for continuity coming out in my TV habits.
Bionic Woman - (DVD) - The original and the best. - Waited a long time to watch these shows again, and while some are creaky and show their age, others are surprisingly good.
Birds of Prey - (iTunes) - Started watching for research purposes, but surprised to rediscover the lost potential this series had.
Doctor Who (Netflix / iTunes) - Started right at the beginning with the 1st Doctor stories and worked my way through every available story on Netflix. Now reached the 'new' series relaunch and switched to watching episodes on the iPad.
ROME - (iTunes) - One of my travel shows, tend to watch on the iPad when flying. Great show.
Saphire & Steel - (Netflix DVD) - Not the easiest of shows to follow and a little slow moving, but it does challenge you to actually think about the story.
Star Trek: Enterprise - (iTunes) - Another iPad travel show. Really enjoying this one a second time around, picking up on a lot of nuances now I've got past the initial fanboy "This isn't real Trek" reactions.
Star Trek: The Next Generation - (DVD) - Starting over again with season one - having a giggle at Wesley's sweaters while glimpsing signs of the greatness to come.
Time Slip - (Netflix DVD) - A childhood favorite revisited. - Seems I always had a thing for time trvel stories.
Time Tunnel (Hulu) - Almost finished this re-watch of one of my all time favorite shows - sure it's corny, but this is one property I would kill to write an updated comics adaptation.

And there are plenty more queued up behind them.