January 8th, 2011

AJP Toon

The Weekly Haul - 1/5/11 - What comics I picked up this week and why.

I'm a few days late posting this, but let's kick off with a look at the first stack of four-color fun I picked up at Austin Books in 2011.


Avengers Prime #5 (Marvel) - The last issue of this fun mini-series by Bendis & Davis with Thor, Cap and Iron Man trapped in Asgard.. I just wish the main Avengers book was this good.
Batman Beyond #1 (DC) - The recent BB mini-series obviously did well enough to rate an on-going series. I hope this new title maintains that quality.
Green Hornet #12 (Dynamite) - I wasn't impressed by the Kevin Smith scripted story arc that launched this new version of the Hornet, but with Phil Hester now writing it has drastically improved.
House of Mystery #33 (DC/Vertigo) - A must pick up each month to see what strange and twisted stories my buddy Matt Sturges has come up with. This issue also features work by David Lloyd, one of my favorite artists, and a genuinely nice bloke too.
iZombie #9 (DC/Vertigo) - The Austin writer connection continues with the latest issue of Chris Roberson's creator owned series. This book just keeps getting stranger, and better, every issue.
Steel #1 (DC) - picked this up for one simple reason, it's the first comics work by one of my favorite Doctor Who novelists, Steve Lyons.
Superboy #3 (DC) - Writer Jeff Lemire is making me care about a character I had no interest in previously. A fun read and a good lesson on writing technique each issue.
The Thanos Imperative #1 (Marvel) - Abnett and Lanning doing what they do best, large scale cosmic stories. And this one has Beta Ray Bill in it!
twenty-seven #2 (Image) - I meet writer Charles Soule at Emerald City ComicCon a couple of years ago and was impressed by his Strongman graphic novel. I've been hearing great things about his new series that investigates the link between a series of famous rock musicians who all died at the age of 27. Unfortunately I missed picking up the first issue, but really looking forward to diving into what looks to be an innovative and compelling series.

Gill was with me during my trip to the comics store this week, and asked the magic question "What comics should I be reading now?" She hasn't read any particular comics series on a regular basis since the end of Strangers in Paradise. Rather than bombard her with various titles we just chatted about what looked interesting to her - she came home with copies of OZ (Marvel), The Odyssey (Marvel Classics) and The Murder of King Tut (IDW). It will be interesting to see what she thinks of them.