August 12th, 2010

AJP Toon

The Weekly Haul - 8/11/10 - What comics I picked up this week and why.

Another trip to Austin Books: although this week was a little light on new comics, somehow I still managed to find a few to read.

Birds of Prey #4 (DC) - My favorite "team" book in the DCU at the moment, although the current story arc is tending to be a little too Black Canary centric.
B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: New World #1 (Dark Horse) - Trying another Hellboy spin off mini-series.
Daytripper #9 (DC/Vertigo) - The penultimate issue of this stunning, and gut-wrenching series.
Morning Glories #1 (Image) - I read a preview of this a couple of weeks ago, and it impressed me enough to pick up the first issue. Let's see if this impresses me enough to keep reading.
Northlanders #31 (DC/Vertigo) - The last issue which started a new story arc bought a slightly mystical aspect to what has been a very gritty and realistic historical title to date. However I have faith that creator Brian Wood will make this work within the series overall tone.
Sky Doll #1 (Marvel/Soleil) - The latest offering from the Marvel selected reprints from French publisher Soliel. This is a surprising sensual book for Marvel to put out.
Thor The Mighty Avenger #3 (Marvel) - Still enjoying this fun all ages interpretation of the God of Thunder.
Rawhide Kid: The Sensational Seven #3 (Marvel) - A great fun mix of the most absurd Hollywood Western tropes and pure silly characterization of Western legends.
X-Men #2 (Marvel) - I give most new titles at least two issues, I must admit I almost didn't pick this up after the mediocre first issue, but at the last minute decided to give it a second chance. It will have to be really good for me to pick up #3.

Back Issues
Swords of Texas #2 (Eclipse) - I only found out about this Scout spin-off mini-series from that late 1980s a few days ago and was delighted to find a copy so quickly. Should make an interesting addition to my "Texas comics" collection.

Trade Paperbacks
The Unwritten Vol. 2 (DC/Vertigo) - A stunning piece of meta-fiction about the power of story. The first volume hooked me, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this next collection leads.
Acts of Violence: An Anthology of Crime Comics - a review copy that arrived this week collecting a selection of stories from four small publishers in one volume.
James Bond icon

Alternative Bond Themes - "You Only Live Twice" by The Beach Boys

OK this a little bit of a tenuous take on a title theme for "You Only Live Twice", but it is a nice piece of "what if" speculation.

It's well documented that Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys longed to write a James Bond theme, and when he was working on what would eventually become the seminal "Pet Sounds" album, he originally titled the opening track "Run, James, Run!"

The next Bond movie released after the track was written was "You Only Live Twice," so what would it have looked like if Brian Wilson's wish had come true?

Previous Alternate Bond Themes.
"You Only Live Twice" by Lorraine Chandler
"You Only Live Twice" by Julie Rogers
"Goldfinger" by Anthony Newley
"For Your Eyes Only" by Blondie
"Quantum of Solace" by Shirley Bassey
"Thunderball" by Johnny Cash
The video I posted earlier of "The Man With The Golden Gun" by Alice Cooper has now been taken down.