June 6th, 2010

AJP Toon

A brief glimpse of another side of F1

A side of the Formula One action you rarely see on TV, how the track marshals clear up after an on-track incident. Very efficient under stressful and at times dangerous circumstances (check out how near one of the marshals comes to having a close encounter with a car at the 1:57 mark). These guys are all volunteers (albeit incredibly well trained and highly experienced ones - it takes years of marshaling before you can work a GP), and deserve a lot more credit than they usually receive from the fans. Without them motor racing events of any sort simply wouldn't happen.

This particular incident is from this year's Monaco GP.

AJP Toon

The Weekly Haul - 6/4/10 - What comics I picked up this week and why.

Due to a busy schedule was a little later than usual picking up this week's stack from Austin Books this week. So let's take a quick look at what made the journey from store to nightstand.

Avengers Prime #1 (Marvel) - Another angle on the Avengers relaunch focused on the big-three characters (Captain America, Thor & Iron Man), but what really made me pick this one up was the fact that it has Alan Davis & Mark Farmer on art.
Brightest Day #3 (DC) - I'm enjoying some parts of this DC Universe new direction; at the moment it's just enough for me to keep picking the book up.
Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1 (Marvel) Two characters who were a major part of the Marvel Universe that bought me back in to comics in the 1980s. It's great to see them get an on-going series of their own at long last. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.
iZombie #2 (DC/Vertigo) - A great debut last issue by local Austin writer, Chris Roberson, I could be with this title for the long haul.
JSA: All-Stars #7 (DC) - Written by buddy Matt Sturges, this is a regular read.
Red Hood: The Lost Days (DC) - It was the return of Jason Todd as The Red Hood that broke my 19- year habit of buying every Batman related book. So I'm not sure why I picked this up - maybe to see if they could at long last convince me that there is a plausible reason for this character to still be running around.
The Rise of Arsenal #3 (DC) - In the week since its initial release this book was been almost universally reviled and branded as the worst mainstream comic book written in the last decade. I am just curious to see if it is really as bad as everyone says it is. I'm just a glutton for punishment I guess.
Serenity: Float Out (Dark Horse) - Firefly/Serenity continues to be my favorite Joss Whedon creation and I'm happy to pick up anything that further explores the great characters of that particular universe.

Trade Paperback
James Bond 007: Nightbird (Titan Books) - completes this 17 volume set reprinting all the UK produced James Bond newspaper strips.