October 7th, 2008

AJP Toon

Once upon a time in Twitterland...

A round up of my inane and pointless twitter posts over the last 24 hours..

  • 12:21 Stock Car Science blog - my latest geek distraction - stockcarscience.com/blog/ #
  • 20:16 Why is my day job office desk neat, tidy and well organized, but my home office desk is covered with piles of paper, books and pages of art? #
  • 06:26 James Bond comics from around the world - #17 - "The Hildebrand Rarity" - tinyurl.com/3z27j8 #
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AJP Toon

Contrast and Compare

I mentioned this on Twitter last night. There seems to be a stark contrast between the way I keep my desks at the office and home organized.

Check this out..
At the day job

In my home office.

gr8noise suggested the difference was down to "passion." In that "the day job is for pay and the home office is a whirlwind of activity that you would do for free."

I think he has a point. I also think it has to do with different mind sets. At the day job I need to be the analytical, clear thinking guy in control.

The office space at home is where I let the creative side have full reign. Here my mind is in a more chaotic state and I often have multiple creative projects going on at once.

Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.