July 18th, 2008

AJP Toon

Best Legal Text. Ever..

During a meeting with the CEO this morning, one of my sales team presented a new version of our standard sales quotation document he'd been working on. I know not exactly thrilling stuff - but he'd had some fun with the standard "Confidentiality" statement at the bottom.

The version he presented read as follows.

All information listed herein is completely confidential. External use of this document is strictly prohibited, contents are not to be shared with third parties without the express written permission of [company name]. Violators will meet their fate via blunt force trauma, electro-shock treatment, Chinese water torture, or man eating beetles (you know like the ones in The Mummy) that will dig their way into your body and proceed to eat your brain. This legal notice will self destruct in thirty seconds. All rights reserved.
James Bond icon

Book stuff...

Just spent an hour or so in my local Barnes & Noble, the same store where I had my very brief three-week "career" as a book seller, proofing the galleys for the first 64 pages of The Illustrated 007. On the way out bumped into the store manager, and lo we have the first in-store signing tentatively scheduled for October.

Got home to find
- My recent interview for The Oklahoman on Bill Finger and his contribution to the creation of BATMAN has been turned into a feature article tied in to today's opening of "The Dark Knight."

- And Google alerted me to a listing of my books on Canadian book store CHAPTERS website, which says the publication date for The Illustrated 007 is September 1st, when as far as I'm aware we are still scheduled for the end of September. - Must be a cross-border time-warp.